‘Around 1990 queer emerged into public consciousness. It was a term that challenged the normalizing mechanisms of state power to name its sexual subjects: male or female, married or single, heterosexual or homosexual, natural or perverse’. -J. Halberstam

Queerlings seeks to publish queer works of fiction, non-fiction and reviews from LGBTQIA+ writers. We especially encourage submissions from BIPOC, Trans, Non-binary and other underrepresented voices in our community.


Christopher Wells

(He/Him) Non-Fiction Articles, Essays and Reviews

Chris gained a masters in literature from Northumbria University before completing a PGCE in primary teaching at Cumbria. Having worked as a teacher for a number of years he is now currently working towards his PhD in the School of English at Sheffield University. His thesis explores the intersections of bisexuality, biracial and non-binary subjectivity in the work of male modernist writers. He has been published in The Open Library of Humanities, The Modernist Review, The Journal of Bisexuality and has a forthcoming chapter on ‘Ageing and Bisexuality’ due for publication in an edited collection with Bristol University Press in March 2021. He is also preparing a monograph proposal on James Joyce and Bisexuality with Edinburgh University Press. He is still, after 15 years, trying to reduce his coffee consumption.

Rosa Nowak

(They/Them) Non-Fiction Articles, Essays and Reviews

Rosa studied for a bachelor in English and American Studies with a minor in History, and a masters in Literature, Media, and Culture of Modernity at the University of Mannheim, Germany, before coming to England to do a PhD in English Literature at the University of Sheffield. In their dissertation, they analyse the depiction of plants in Gothic and horror fiction. They are interested in researching the intersections of science and literature, neurodivergence, trauma, spatiality, nonhuman agency and countless materialisms.

Rosa spends their free time taking long walks, writing letters, consuming ridiculous amounts of media and trying to keep their life in order by utilising numerous journals, lists, and post-it notes.

Tom Shillito

(He/They) Non-fiction, Fiction and Poetry

Tom is a non-binary trans man with an MSc in Evolution and Behaviour from the University of Sheffield. Currently they work in clinical research with a focus on data management in early phase cancer trials. Tom is a practicing pagan, a parent an amateur programmer and a very amateur crafter. He can either be found nose deep in terrible fantasy fiction or elbow deep in bread dough.

He is seeking submissions that describe both personal and professional experiences of being non-binary, the intersections of spiritual practice and non-binary life as well as work which addresses issues in medical and scientific discourses around queerness and categorisation.

Scott Aaron Tait

(He/They) Fiction and Poetry

Scott is a queer autistic writer with a Fine Art MFA from Newcastle University. Their previous art practice embraced narrative in its broadest as well as literary senses utilizing an eclectic and diverse range of media including drawing, video, and performance. Since graduating their focus has shifted from visual art to writing. Scott’s short stories have featured or are forthcoming in The Write Launch, Odd Magazine, Untitled Voices and Pastel Pastoral. In 2016 they were shortlisted for Theatre Cloud‘s ‘Tell a Tale’ prize. In 2021 Scott gained a place on Cornerstone’s Elevate Mentorship (funded by Arts Council England) and is currently working with a commissioning editor from Bloomsbury Publishing on his first completed novel. Between meltdowns they collect things, mostly books, and drinks copious amounts of coffee.