I Live in Many Parallel Universe’s 

by Alyssa Cokinis

Like the one where my hair is purple

and I’m still a gymnast

turning on the bar over

and over and over


Or the one where I’m in love

with a girl and she

is precious and we

melt together

and stay together.

Also the one where my parents

never got divorced and

the world never

suffered, never


Perhaps the one where I am

with him is best, despite

war and tears and fear,

because there is


There is love here too,

if we have the courage

to find it.

Alyssa Cokinis is a queer writer and theatre artist from Iowa but currently living in the Pacific Northwest. Her previous work can be found in Essay Daily, Stanchion Zine, Poetry Lab Shanghai, The B’K, and other places. Alyssa is also the founder & editor-in-chief of some scripts literary magazine, a publication dedicated to uplifting the literary merit of stage plays, screenplays, and other scripts. You can find her tweeting into the void @scandalyssac and learn more about her at scandalyssac.carrd.co