Shoreline and Layers of Kin

by Annette Covrigaru

layers of kin

i never thought

to name you

until they did

& even then

the sensation 

of namesake

muted fresh


it’s true –

i met you with

sunpink skin,

with skin sky


naked frameless

in my bk apt,

bathed in your 

motion, i

gave you my

feet to

dance through


i offered 

a body that’s



Annette Covrigaru is a gay, bigender American-Israeli writer and photographer. They’ve been awarded a Lambda Literary Emerging LGBTQ Voices Nonfiction Fellowship and a Home School Hudson Poetry Residency. Their poetry, nonfiction, and essays have appeared in Peach MagYes, Poetry, and Hey Alma, among others, and are collected at Their debut chapbook Reality In Bloom was released on the last day of 2020 from Ursus Americanus Press. – get it here. They live and roller skate in Brooklyn. Twitter: @annetticov