by B.C. Jaime

He said “You’re a bear.”

I said “No, I’m a fish.

    Two fish, actually.

    Swimming in opposite directions

    One tells me Do it!

    The other says Oh no you betta don’t!”

He said “But…You’re a bear.”

I said “No. Actually, I’m a monkey.

    A crazy, funny monkey

    Who can pick up stuff with his toes

    And wonder when I’ll evolve

    Even my pops used to call me his little monkey.”

He said “Just face it. YOU. ARE. A. BEAR.”

I said “I beg to differ. I am a night owl.

    Who stares at stars

    And watches Friends reruns in the wee hours of the morning

    Ask me a question

    I’ll show you how wise I am.”

He said “Did you know that you are a bear?”

I said “Nope. I’m a snake.

    I have tremendous sympathy for others

    A great depth of perception

    Am intense, passionate, determined

    And, at times, headstrong.”

He said “But, you are also a bear. A hairy bear.”

I said “Fine. I’m a bear. 

    Are you happy? 

    I’m grumpy, lumbering and hate bees.

    I’m hairy and I hibernate.

    Honey. I. Am. A. Bear.”    

I said “And what are you? Hmmm…?”

He said “I’m an otter.

    I’m hairy and cute

    Just like you

    Now, give me your paw

    Let’s go splash around in the river.”

B. C. Jaime is a gay disabled Latino nonbinary writer & artist. His poetry, much like his own brain, suffers from anxiety, depression, trauma, and PTSD. And much like his own heart, his words cling to hope. He has had short stories & poetry featured in Cadence Collective, Embark to Madness, Dead Men and Women Walking: An Anthology of Things Undead, The San Gabriel Valley Tribune, & FlashShot. In addition, his play “Nighty-Night” was showcased, in MTSAC’s one act play festival of the same title. Tweets are welcomed @theBCJaime. More poetry can be found at