Songs With Love 

by Catriona Roy

Headphones on. Let no sound

of reality slip past my defences.

I lived senseless, tuned into the

wrong station, missing the best

music. But that was then.

Now I choose it. Listen

was once a curse, now a chorus

with each verse singing ecstasy

and harmony bring fullness.

A solo headphone life surpasses

discordant duet; I’ll never take

cacophony for symphony to

please prejudice’s audience.

I pause my song of truth for no

mortal critic, nor surrender volume

of my uniquely divined lyric.

Cocooned for the evening, my old

playlist tells a tune that I’ve been

needing: true love may not be

just for lovers, because lovers

aren’t all you need – Love is.

Catriona Roy (she/her) is an aroace physics student at Edinburgh University. She writes science news articles and poems in her free time. Her loves include old books, taekwondo and The Beatles. She tweets @RoyCatriona and blogs at