Changing Trains

by Eddie Creamer

I think he must be hot. That’s my first impression but then I’ve only seen his back so I can’t say for sure. It’s to do with his posture, how he’s striding down the concourse like he has a particular right to be there, sports bag slung over his shoulder. In America he’d probably be called a jock; my mother would say preppy (I don’t want to think about my mother). I’m into guys like that. Maybe what I mean is I’m into straight guys (a problem). 

Anyway, I speed up. I want to get a complete view, overtake him so I can take a look at his face. I’ve been caught out before: people never live up to your expectations. There’s a real crowd coming the other way now, slowing me down. Probably a train’s just arrived but I’m kind of irritated, like they’re doing it on purpose. I’m having to dodge them and keep an eye on him and check the time, because I do actually have a train to catch. I’m not just here to creep on cute boys.

He finally turns down onto a platform: not my platform but what the hell, I still have a bit of time. I go after him. He slows up a bit so I quicken my pace (and I’m feeling kind of weird now it’s about to happen, I’ve followed this random dude like a stalker but anyway I’ve come this far, might as well go through with it). He stops and turns through ninety degrees to face out onto the track and I keep going so I can walk right in front.

I look at him.

He looks at me

The world doesn’t stop. I walk past and go to my platform; he gets on his train. No one meets the love of their life like this, changing trains at Reading. But he was kind of hot.

Eddie (he/him) trained as a lawyer but quickly realised the error of his ways, and has given it up to focus on writing. He’s currently completing an MA in Creative and Life Writing at Goldsmiths University, whilst polishing the first draft of a novel. The novel follows a twenty-something gay man who gives up his job to pursue his creative dreams (art mirroring life) and falls in love in the process (wishful thinking). Find Eddie on Twitter @creamerewp