Corrosion and other poems 

by Halcyon


My body is a tomb. 

My body is covered in darkness 

and the sting of my persecutors, 

waiting for the touch of a torch  

to draw the moths my way. 

My body is a question, 

an apology, a science experiment. 

My body does not want to be seen 

but yearns for the warmth of the feet that

walk above it. 

My body is stuck six feet in the earth, 

aching for the antidote of a stranger’s gaze. 

The cavern in my chest 

echoes empty from the years of soot. 

Out there are the things of dust, decay, and


But someday, someone will fossilize my body 

years after it has turned to rust. 

I need only step into the light 

and lay it all down

Queers Don’t Die

I wilted  

in the trenches of myself 

that I did not want to accept. 

Then reborn  

into the palms of lovers,  

and the laughter of friends; 

We share the birthmark. 

I am death. 

The magic in me burns always 

even after the flames and


had gone. 

Full Name

Name yourself after cracks in sidewalks. 

Name yourself after greek myths, 

curses, and folkloric prophecies. 

Name yourself after hurricanes, 

thunderstorms, and canyons. 

Name yourself after hidden coves, 

deep kisses, and desert seedlings. 

Name yourself after your ancestors, 

lovers, songs, inside jokes. 

Make it beautiful and terrifying. 

Make it sandpaper in their mouths 

scratching like an old record at the back of

their throats. 

You might’ve found it in an oyster 

or in the gutters of concrete cities, 

in radio station static. 

It might feel like home 

or the shoes you were meant to fill. 

Listen to it anyway, play it over and over  

on train station platforms. 

Just as long as you do it for no one else 

but yourself

Halcyon (they/them) is a trans, non-binary and queer artist of Mexican and Pinay descent. They’re also an online sex worker and college student, soon to complete their Bachelor’s degree in Women’s and Gender Studies with a minor in Queer Studies. They find catharsis in the arts and believe it to be pivotal in reclaiming their sexuality, spirituality, and autonomy. Halcyon advocates for the re-indigenization of our cultures, land, and communities as well as the dismantling of imperial and capitalist systems that reign transnationally. Find more about Halcyon and other places to follow them at their personal site: