[cw: reference to self harm]

i, a daughter?

by Jaiden Thompson

and i found myself swamped in ignorance,

rue sprawled across my body, now ablaze.

the brimful breasts and fleeting height, 

something like God festering in my ribcage.

was there loss in wearing my hair as a doo rag,

letting scissors caress my thighs instead? 

lying where womanhood met repentance, 

where i forgave myself for being this body,

i was still a daughter of an unforgiving god.

and for him i contoured my entirety,

honed myself in ways they couldn’t bear.

was Lilith still Woman? Lilith with her ribs,

thrown up & lodged in my burgeon chest?

she, a wife to windborne blasphemy

& i, her progeny; i, a daughter, still.

Jaiden Thompson (he/they) is a young, Black poet from Washington. They have poems published or forthcoming in The Heritage Review, Indigo Lit, Superfroot, The Jupiter Review, and other literary magazines. They are also an editor for Interstellar Literary Review. Check them out on twitter @jaibird_writes.