Queer Parenting in a Pandemic

by Kerry Ryan

You must do smiley-smiley togetherness

through escalating pain and mental fatigue.

 Your partner must remain an object of desire

—never a therapist.

At the end of another high stakes day,

wire up your child up to the internet,

blow the dust from the dildo

and romance.

Kerry Ryan is the founder of Write like a Grrrl, has taught Writing for Performance at Spotlight, creative writing for women leaving sex work and domestic abuse survivors and facilitated a year long LGBTQ creative writing course as part of the Arts Council-funded New Queers on the Block. Her work has been featured in various publications including Steer, The Manchester Review, the Kenyon Review and Spilling Ink. Her play Trust was recently performed at the Gulbenkian Theatre. Find Kerry on Twitter @writelikeagrrrl and at www.writelikeagrrrl.com