Cherry POP and other poems 

by Louis Glazzard

[cw: sexual imagery]

Cherry Pop

New tradition pulled out of him,

in the hot shower stinging the skin.

At a premature fifteen

with a broken fingernail.

The instigator of magic –

spiders crawled out of your smell.

‘Hello Earth’ he thought,

falling outside.

Mud stuck to the palms,

just a few steps from home.

He switches narratives, a new crux

unbound by the blood stained books.

‘What a terrible and bellowing,

belly rumbling night.’

They say the first time should be…

with you writhing around on top of him,

it became a new strange stain.

Let us try and remember your name.

Modern breakup

Hard time

it was to tell

you they felt

the nail.

They have a

hard time saying


guzzle away

drain pipe

next door

says sink into me

lose him in sleep.


The heartbeat swells

to this open love letter

to the land beating

with it’s own membranes.

My feet are thick with mud

clodded so deeply

I feel I am carrying

two boulders of Sisyphus.

Thanks to the literature

I imagine in the evening

a shadowed burly

circling the hill towards

our window untoward

in the square of it

comes some smashing

wind of ice and curtain wail.

The gusts like Geia

is struggling for breath

unlike me bereft

and circling the frame.

Out of my timbered ashy mouth

comes my name.

Then through the broken window hole

comes an appendage

thicker than my hiking thigh.

I welcome the mystery of the stranger.

He comes again

and the birds

leave their branches

like fathers leaving children

the cows stall

and so do the neighbors

7.6 miles away.

The skin on their backs

(enlightened by our moaning)

turns to salt.

My ears pop

fantasies subside

and instead I find

the banality of my

humbled cottage life.

Teeth grit, this return

open and wedded

and stitched like

a metallic fire poker

pristine, unused.

Louis Glazzard (He/Him) was born and raised in Yorkshire, England and is now based in Manchester, working as a writer and poet. These poems have been featured and shared in various creative spaces across Manchester and beyond, including the BBC, Waterside Arts and London LGBTQ+ community centre. In July Louis’ poetry was published in New Critique and he headlined Virtual Verbose. Louis was published in Brag Writers in October and will also soon be published in Untilted Voices and The Waxed Lemon.

Twitter @lourowpoet