by Mia Griso Dryer


but make it they (singular)

he created them

male and female he created them

and called their name Adam.

and while God took his rest

Adam ripped out their ribs and left two thin scars on their chest

they made Eden within Eden 

and then made Eve.

and Eve went out to hunt and found oestrogen in the trees

came back drunk on the leaves

and in this moment of bliss

she kissed Adam’s vocal cords

stretched them to octaves that didn’t yet exist

and in return they collected the notes they didn’t need

left them at her feet

like an offering.

and as the sun climbed higher

they learnt to strum on muscle fibres

sung into each other’s lungs 

to inflate them.

and God, tempted by this flesh and bone home

vowed to make one of his own

and one day he would.

but though he had made them good they had made themselves sacred

yes before serpents and fig leaves 

we were once naked 

and not ashamed.

Mia Griso Dryer is a 19 year old student from North London. Mia has just completed an Art Foundation, and is preparing to study a BA in English at Cambridge. For more of their work follow @mgdcreative on Instagram.