Suburban Ache and other poems

by Millicent Stott

Suburban Ache 

That January night was silent,

soft southern snow on the driveway 

like icing sugar

 or sour cream skin 

the streets were dead all evening

just you and your orange hair

and the house you bought to keep me in.

I looked out of the window and saw 

our life lined up in ribbon,

her car on the drive, white 

the papery film of street lamps.

Love, the glistening on my left hand 

and the alien country of

drugged up dreaming,  

my familiar suburban ache.

The grimy pub where I met you, 

unexpected – 

long train journeys down and 

our hurried arrangements, 

perhaps, you are all I wanted.

That’s all there is in the world, 

your hair so red, 

burning cheeks 

and you are so frail

in my arms like a blackbird 

hungry for fruit.


Witches broth, silver jewellery 

I steady myself against your skin,

raw and pulsating – 

give me the only thing I 

cannot take from you

your strange brain, congealed in

a nest in the head of 

the dragon princess 

That feeling you get 

it’s dark and she is driving 

you are opening your legs 

a secret spell under cold stars 

I cling to your scent with my 

cauldron claws  

the rain pounding on the roof

our loveless incantation.

We knew each other before,

she and I,

she is sequins, rough around the edges.

Fox Claw 

I hope she ruins my life 

leaves me choking 

on air devoid of her scent 

it’s been a while since I’ve 

ached to the bone

since it all felt like such a fucking disaster 

I hope she leaves unexpectedly 

next spring 

so that I am left clambering 

to unstick the turmoil and the poison 

of our lives till winter.

I hope I lose my breath, 

my nails, my hair in the fight

when she claws like a fox

when it all goes up in smoke

I hope I flare like a glistening

row of Christmas tree lights 

in hell for months on end

in the heavenly pain she leaves in her wake.

Millicent is a 19 year old poet and English Literature student from the North East. Her work is inspired by dreams, the natural world and queer love. She loves cats, stargazing and feminist literature. Follow her on Twitter @millicentstott and Instagram @mills.poetry