Mermen as Voyeurs and other poems

by Serge ♆ Neptune

[cw: sexual imagery]

mermen as voyeurs

we swim towards the docks

dryness pours into the eyes like vinegar

we observe in secret

the fishermen welcome their new day

big-shouldered lions of amber

our spines stand stiff like legs of storks

we hush behind a cliff or under wooden boards

this peering through

the mundane state of things

how a lack of bees destroys the world

a charm of bees

will save it


Time is a gland oozing precious seconds

the same way we sweat while having sex.

A peach emptied of its pit becomes

a shed where fruit flies nest if the fruit

is left open & vulnerable & scarred.

Droplets the colour of teeth trickle down 

from anuses flow down the drains & into the sewer.


not quite the disney princess

nw london otter mustachio boy

from a good jewish family ear-

to-ear smile bubbly as an air spirit

shakespearean name but not

many get that met you in waterloo

furry arms on pret’s wonky table

unbuttoned pale blue shirt wink

of chest fur that got me thirsty

start of a tease awkward looking

at the ground pacing along

the southbank aaaw london’s

shiny nightclaws seeping

slowly in your brain laughing

hopped on the 21 to my place

old kent rd & once there i

looked for a condom you

said no sex on a first & yet

what glorious petting what

roller coaster of tongues spit

fingers digging deep slime

everywhere & after you laid

your head on my shoulder

so comfortable fell asleep

the dark behind your eyelids

growing denser morning! you

described how night became

too intense & chewed your limbs

with its jaws asked if the books

on my shelves were books

of witchcraft yes! I said

& never saw you again

Serge Neptune has been called ‘the little merman of British poetry’. His work has appeared in Finished Creatures, perverse, whynow, Harana Poetry, Lighthouse, Banshee, Spontaneous Poetics, Brittle Star, Ink Sweat & Tears and Strange Poetry. His first pamphlet These Queer Merboys is published with Broken Sleep and is available from their website. Find Serge on twitter: @mermanpoet