Queerlings Magazine is an online platform exclusively for LGBTQIA+ identifying writers who explore various themes and experiences of queerness in their work. Our editors work on an entirely voluntary basis and currently receive no funding. We are unfortunately unable to pay contributors at this time but do hope to in the future. Whilst we are an online quarterly magazine at present it is our hope to produce a print anthology series in the future.

General Guidelines

We are currently CLOSED for submissions. Please check back or follow us on twitter for updates on submission windows.

The following guidelines apply to all submissions.

  • To be considered for publication authors should identify as LGBTQIA+ and their work should in some way explore the personal notion of queerness.
  • Title and authors name should be clearly visible at start of document. Please also save your work as [title] by [author]
  • Please submit to only one category per submission window.
  • Please attach your work in .doc(x) format. For flash fiction and poetry please submit your work in a single word document. (If you have any accessibility issues with word documents and wish to submit in a different format please get in touch.)
  • Please use the following format in the subject line of your email: SUBMISSION (genre), [title] by [author]
  • With all submissions please include a short third person bio in the body of your email with your preferred pronouns and outlining any past writing credits with links to website and/or socials. We publish emerging and established writers so please don’t be concerned if you don’t have previous publications just tell us about yourself and your writing.
  • Lastly please consider the following and include a brief response in the body of your email. Why do you feel your work is a suitable fit for Queerlings Magazine?
  • We no longer accept general artwork submissions as we have chosen to produce all visual work in house for the time being.

Please note that Queerlings supports LGBTQIA+ writers from all backgrounds and therefore we will reject any work which promotes racism, sexism, ableism, transphobia, homophobia or any other form of prejudice. Whilst work can involve sexual elements we don’t publish erotica or gratuitous violence.

Please see below for subject specific submission guidance. We can not consider submissions which do not adhere to our guidelines so please read the following carefully before submitting. If you have any specific access requirements please get in touch. Thank you.

Fiction and Poetry Submissions

We’re looking for fiction and poetry which explores the theme of ‘queerness’ drawn from the writers own personal experience. We want work that speaks to fellow LGBTQIA+ readers, stories and poems which capture the essence of queer experience and work which taps into our emotions. We love strong characters, new or unusual settings and plot twists we never saw coming. Often we won’t know what we’re looking for until we read it so please push boundaries and surprise us. Take a look at our previous issues for an idea of what we publish.

Please only submit to one category at a time.

  • Prose: 2000 word limit and only one piece per submission.
  • Flash fiction: Up to 2 pieces per submission and 500 word limit per piece.
  • Poetry: 30 lines max per poem and up to 3 poems per submission.
  • All work should be the authors own, original and previously unpublished.
  • Previous contributors are welcome to submit new work to us but please wait one issue before doing so. (i.e if published in Issue 2 please wait until Issue 4 to submit again.)
  • We welcome simultaneous submissions but please let us know if your work is accepted elsewhere via

As our editors work on Queerlings in their own time we kindly ask for your patience as we read through submissions. You will receive an auto-reply acknowledging receipt of your submission and we aim to respond to all submissions within one month of submissions closing. Please note that due to the sheer volume of submissions we receive this may take longer. Follow us on Twitter for regular updates regarding the submission process and upcoming issues.

Non-Fiction Submissions

Aims and Scope: We want to publish articles that articulate the queer perspective, the experience of queerness as well as essays that explore how queerness is both understood and represented in queer communities. Topics might include but are certainly not limited to:

  • Queer(y)ing and challenging the heteronormative histories, receptions and representations within literature, film and television.
  • Opinion pieces, reviews and extended essays on contemporary representation of queer persons and/or communities across any media platform.
  • Conference papers, conference experiences or conference write-ups.
  • Interviews.
  • Issues concerning the LGBTQ+ curriculum in schools and higher education.
  • First person narratives and experiences of employment/workplace inclusion.
  • Essays on social media and queer lives.
  • Problematics of ‘queer-coding’ and/or ‘queer-bating’.
  • The lived experiences, and the attendant representations of, intersectionality across queerness and race, gender identities, gender expressions, disability, religion, spiritual practices, veganism/vegetarianism in literature, cinema, television and video-games (this is by no means an exhaustive list).
  • Reflective philosophical and sociological pieces exploring, for instance, queer temporality, the family unit, queer theory or the experiences of queerness in the current climate.
  • The value of queer studies now (we are particularly interested in pieces that examine the transferability and applicability of queer theory within working-class urbanized communities).
  • The ideologies of binary identities in past and present epistemologies and ontologies, especially in relation to non-binary and trans experiences, literature, cinema, videogames and other media.

Word counts: 8,000 limit, excluding references, but, as ever, we are happy to negotiate. Please submit a short abstract outlining your proposed work and we will be in touch to discuss this further with you. All work should be the authors own, original and previously unpublished.

Style Guide: In the interests of consistency and fairness we would ask that all submissions to the non-fiction section of Queerlings adheres, as far as is reasonably possible, to the Chicago author-date style. Please use this resource for guidance:

Once we have reviewed your abstract or completed work we will be in touch. If we want to proceed with your piece we will offer constructive editorial feedback and work on revisions with you before publication.

All submissions should be sent to:

Thank you for your interest in Queerlings Magazine.