A Binary Birdcage

By Whit Fuller

Listen, to the tears clicking

Against the floor

This is the sound

Of my body being made “non”

Listen, to the voice singing

Against the door

This is the sound

Of my mother

Learning who her child is

Listen, to the non-binary bird crying

Against it’s female-coded cage

This is the sound

Of my desire slipping free

Listen, to the name spoken

Against my lips

This is the sound

Of she becoming they

Me becoming myself

Whit Fuller is a writer and Undergraduate student of English at The University of Utah. Their poem “A Canticle for Aphrodite” was published in the 2021 edition of The University of Utah’s Undergraduate Literary Magazine — The Canticle under the name Brianna Fuller. They live in Utah with their family and two cats, and can be found drinking tea or thinking about the universe when they aren’t stealing the moments in between to write one or several somethings. Follow Whit on Twitter and Instagram @whitwritenow