Hot for God and other poems

by Will Arthur Spiller

hot for god

i’m hot for god

when he takes shirtless selfies

trace the fine line of his hairs

to that garden of eden

psalm his briefs

with a righteous hand

each tongue rising against

shall prosper,

bringing forth sweet wine

some six minutes you shall labour;

and on the seventh, rest

clean drowsy deeds

with a filthy garment

let all who have become unclean

see the halcyon shine

in afterglow

a golden hymn,

let no demon wile away the spirit

for blessed are those

whose holy spurt

lead, barefoot, into

the kingdom of heaven

the breakup

i’m taking your nudes off my iphone

portraits, hung, on the gallery wall

ode to amyl nitrate

o come all those who deviate

from all good taste and sense

to a place where hips gyrate

abandon all pretence

life among the acolytes

who won’t prevaricate

torrid days bring wilder nights

to heaven incarnate

greatest dancer on the scene

your feet should levitate

floppy hair, silk shirt pristine

the urge to fumigate

redolence of classic rush

cause angst to dissipate

cheeks lambent with crimson blush

his pupil made dilate

Will Arthur Spiller (he/him) is a graduate of the University of East Anglia creative writing programme. He’s the face smiling down at you from the long-abandoned billboard near the roundabout, the ghost of the Victorian shoeshine boy haunting you from the rusted tin of boot polish, the lovely fifth alternate for the gay intern who writes tweets for Dionne Warwick. In early 2021, he co-founded ‘Keysmash’, an arts collective and social group which places emphasis on connecting queer, POC and immigrant creatives. Find him on Instagram at @willspiller